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About Me

I am one of the world's first Apple Mac users, as my family was amongst the world’s first Mac based families. This is in contrast to most people who were using inferior DOS/Windows PCs either for personal use or business purposes.

I grew up in the Golden Age of Computing (late 1970s/80s), when I was raised on the Mac, and also started using other great computers such as the Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, BBC Micro, and Acorn Electron. I started BASIC programming at age 8. 

We purchased our first fruity computer in 1985, the year after the Mac was introduced at the Superbowl. Most people simply could not afford the cost of having a home computer at the time let alone understand the need for one.

The vast majority of eye hospitals in the early years of the Mac were deploying Macs for imaging.

I was very fortunate as my daddy, the late Dr Mohammad Abdul Karim, who was the world renowned senior ophthalmologist at the former world famous St Paul’s Eye Hospital, Liverpool, knew the value of computers well before the Mac or PC became mainstream. 

I have another website, which is forwarded onto (, which includes more details about my life, hobbies, etc.

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After all, pink is a boys colour both medically and historically and pink is also my favourite colour!! I have so many pink Indian dresses that I love showing off at functions!!

Mac The Force Be With Us.

Mostafa M Karim

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